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4th Gen Ram - Quad headlight HID installation guide

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How to install your RetroShop HIDs in your 09+ Ram (with Quad lights)

1.       First of all, pop the hood and disconnect the vehicle's negative battery cable using a 10mm wrench or socket.

2.       Remove the insulator thing that runs across the top of the radiator, it uses six of the plastic push pin things.  You'll find one in each fender, two near the front (grill) area, and two large ones at the back of radiator pen the truck's hood.

3.       Remove the grill by taking out the four 10mm bolts holding it in place and then pulling the grill straight out to release the two tabs on the lower corners. **WARNING: Watch your bumper cover to keep from scratching it!**


4.       Removing  the headlights is a two part process. Start by taking out the two 10mm bolts on the inside edge of the lights, one mounts vertically and one mounts horizontally.

5.       Next, access the back of the headlight through the access door inside the inner fender wells. Open the access door and reach inside. There is a tab that slides vertically. To release the headlight, push the tab up.

6.       Pull the headlight straight out to remove it. Be careful as there are two connections on the back of the headlight.   Disconnect the two connections on the back of the headlight to completely remove it from the truck.


7.   To install the low beam HID bulb, remove the round access cover.

8.   Disconnect and remove the halogen bulb. Inside the HID kit, you will find one small, black connector. This connector will attach to the original halogen bulb connector.


9.   Remove the HID bulbs from their packaging. **WARNING: Do not touch the glass bulb!**

10.   Very carefully install the HID bulb into the halogen bulb's original location.

11.   There is a rubber grommet with four wires routed through it on the HID bulb wiring. Two of these wires do not have a connector and have blades at their ends. Before inserting the blades into the small black connector mentioned above, verify that, when the connector is connected to the halogen bulb connector, the red wire will be connected to the white wire and the black wire will be connected to the black wire. Once you verify this, insert the blades into the back side of the black connector and then plug the halogen connector into it. **This is only applicable to the driver side light as the HID kit uses only this OEM input.**

12.   In order to make the necessary connections outside of the headlight, you must cut a small circular hole in the round access cover. Do this slowly so you do not cut out too much. This picture shows a hole cut in both the high and low beam access covers, which is only necessary when installing HIDs in the high beams as well.  A 7/8" holesaw works great for this task.  (pic below shows both drilled, if only installing a low beam kit, only drill one per light)

13.   Now feed the wires through this hole and use insert the rubber grommet in the hole.

14.   Complete this for both headlights and then set the headlights aside until later.

15.   Now, install the wiring harness included with the HID kit. While this appears to be intimidating, it is not if you take your time. Do not make any connections until the final install, especially the 12v connection.  Here are the connections labeled:

16.   Once the harness is installed, find a location for the two ballasts. Keep them in an area near the headlights themselves and also within reach of the harness connections. One of the best places for the ballasts is between the headlights and radiator. Simply find a place to install them using double sided tape or the bolts included in the kit. The ballasts come with small mounts that may be used for mounting the ballasts.  There is no right or wrong place, mount where you'd like.  Ballasts are these:

17.   Now, find a suitable location for the necessary grounds for the harness and ballasts.  I recommend making your own grounds.  Sand off the paint in a very small area, and use a self tapping screw to ground them to the metal.  

18.   Now, make the necessary connections between the harness and ballasts. 

19.   While carefully holding the headlight, reconnect the OEM connections as well as the HID kit connections.  The "OEM Input" on the harness goes to the plug that you installed the end on earlier (driver's side, next to the HID bulb wires)

20.   Now, reinstall the headlights.  Reverse the earlier steps, don't forget to pull the white lever inside the fender down to latch the lights in.  2 10mm bolts to hold them in from the top and side as well.

21.   At this time, connect the harness's 12v connection to the truck's battery.

22.   Now, verify that the lights are working correctly.  While the truck is off, turn the lights on for approx 20 seconds (to warm up).  Turn the lights off, and count how long they take to actually shut off.   There should be a delay, if there is not - please check your grounds on the capacitor link, and verify the polarity on the driver's light inner plug (the one where the end needed to be installed).   Remember, black to black on those wires.  

23.     Reinstall the grill, and enjoy your RetroShop HIDs!  

If you have any quetions about your installation, please email us - - we'll get back ASAP!