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RetroShop Projector Adapter Install Guide

RetroShop 2013+ Ram Projector Adapter Install Guide

What you'll need - Headlight(s), RetroShop projector adapter, dielectric grease, 10mm socket. Drill optional.

 photo 20180127_144109_zpsuz3h69kv.jpg

To remove the headlights, first of all, pop the hood and disconnect the vehicle's negative battery cable using a 10mm wrench or socket.

Remove the insulator thing that runs across the top of the radiator, it uses six of the plastic push pin things. You'll find one in each fender, two near the front (grill) area, and two large ones at the back of radiator pen the truck's hood.

Remove the grill by taking out the four 10mm bolts holding it in place and then pulling the grill straight out to release the two tabs on the lower corners. **WARNING: Watch your bumper cover to keep from scratching it!**

Removing the headlights is a two part process. Start by taking out the two 10mm bolts on the inside edge of the lights, one mounts vertically and one mounts horizontally.

Next, access the back of the headlight through the access door inside the inner fender wells. Open the access door and reach inside. There is a tab that slides vertically. To release the headlight, push the tab up.

Pull the headlight straight out to remove it. Be careful as there are two connections on the back of the headlight. Disconnect the two connections on the back of the headlight to completely remove it from the truck.

Connections from the truck - headlight plug on left, park / turn on the left:

 photo 20180127_144554_zpsxto9susx.jpg

Apply dielectric grease on the adapter plugs (on the pins):

 photo 20180127_144728_zpsaevcx3ut.jpg

 photo 20180127_144741_zpst52xdewp.jpg

Plug in the adapter, as shown:

 photo 20180127_144812_zpshqyrk2fw.jpg

Plug in the projector adapter to the headlight:

 photo 20180127_144841_zpsacnlmyxp.jpg

Install headlight to the truck, using the 10mm bolts you removed earlier:

 photo 20180127_150327_zpszsxnfwms.jpg

Test the lights at this point. Low beam, high beam, parking lights and turn signals. Then, reinstall the grill, and the radiator cover - and the job is complete:

 photo 20180127_150820_zpshuofr93f.jpg