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Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate
Our Price: $25.00

Give the perfect gift. Gift Certificates ensure that your special person gets the perfect gift. more info
Canbus Anti-flicker module
Canbus Anti-flicker module
Our Price: $30.00


  • Prevents flickering and bulb out warnings after installing HIDs or LED bulbs
  • Plug-and-play installation, no modification needed
  • Fully waterproof and shockproof
  • Engineered and assembled in USA


No more errors or flickering. Diode Dynamics CAN-BUS Anti-Flicker modules are designed to condition factory power signals, both by smoothing out flickering signals to the output, and by replicating the power consumption of a halogen bulb, to avoid vehicle "bulb out" warnings that usually come with LED or HID power draws. It's a redesigned, modern version of the old, generic "warning canceller." It features nonpolar function, full power smoothing, and resistive and capacitive feedback to cancel even the most tricky CANBUS systems.

Plug and play installation. Thanks to their nonpolar design, these units simply plug inline, either between the bulb and factory connector for LED bulb installation, or between the ballast and connector coming from the grommet for HID Conversion Kit installation.

Fitment. These modules can be used with 35W HID Conversion Kits or any LED bulb. It will prevent flickering or bulb out errors in low beams, high beams, fog lamps, or daytime running lights. The most common size used is 9006, which is the universal size for HID ballasts. However, you can select a different size as needed, for LED bulbs. This module is not recommended for use with 55W HID.

Designed to handle even the most troublesome CANBUS systems, it has been tested for compatibility in many vehicles, including Ram, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, VW, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes.

Please note: Although we have tested these modules on many vehicles, due to differences in the electrical system on each vehicle, we cannot guarantee that these will correct any and every problem that may exist on every specific vehicle of every make and model.

Reliability. These modules are fully waterproof, shockproof, and are proudly made in USA by Diode Dynamics Manufacturing.

Experience. After over a decade in business, Diode Dynamics is the most trusted name in automotive LED lighting. Unlike all other LED distributors, we assemble and engineer products in the United States, for high quality and fast time-to-market of the newest and brightest LED technologies. We pride ourselves in offering only quality LED products, that will exceed your expectations.

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HID Bulbs
HID Bulbs
Our Price: $45.00

With their unsurpassed standards of quality, the Morimoto HID bulbs are a perfect way to replace or upgrade the cheap-o burners that come standard in most HID kits. Industry standard AMP inputs are compatible with 99% of HID ballasts out there. Features abound!

Kelvin & Luminosity: High quality Praxair (US) halide salts in the capsule of the 3Five bulbs ensure their color temperatures are as accurate as can be, while producing the maximum amount of lumens possible for each particular Kelvin rating. (3K/4.3K/5K/6K)

UV Output: Quartz glass minimizes the bulbs emission of ultraviolet light, which is harmful for the reflective surfaces inside your headlights. Often overlooked, but very important!

Precise Alignment: A ceramic sleeve surrounds the base of the glass capsule keeping things properly lined up. The resulting uniform distribution of light and well-defined beam limits will certainly stand out in comparison. For best results, we highly recommended use in projector based headlights.

Integrated rubber housing caps allow for a clean installation and weather-proof connection with externally mounted ballasts or relay harnesses.

Priced almost as much as a full eBay HID kit, we understand these are pricey. But, you do pay for what you get here. Better quality, better performance, and backed by a solid company.
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Mopar Specific HID Relay Harness
Mopar Specific HID Relay Harness
Our Price: $45.00

We make it easy with the MotoControl relay harness. Designed to be completely plug-n-play, it's a seamless solution to keep your low and high beams under control.  More importantly, modern Chrysler products like the 300, Dodge Rams, Nitros, Jeep Wranglers all have super picky "can-bus" systems that read the resistance across the headlight circuit and cause all kinds of problems when doing an HID conversion.

The Bi-xenon versions have integrated 6ohm 50w resistors to add that "missing" resistance back into the headlight circuit. There is also a 4700mF capacitor to help absorb any pulsing signals emitted from the stock output for uninterrupted relay function.

The low beam version is based on our standard HD relay harness. It's main feature is the 4700mF capacitor to absorb pulsing outputs. It also features dual 30A relays fitted to ceramic bases with orange rubber seals. They have LED indicator lights for easy trouble shooting, and can easily power both 35w and 55w ballasts.

With color-coded and clearly labeled connections, set-up is straight forward. The wiring is spec'd to be long enough for big and small vehicles alike.

Aside from being a technical masterpiece, it's also a work of art. With its braided TechFlex insulation, anodized and laser engraved relay, it will surely look factory-fresh under the hood.
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3157 LED Switchbacks
3157 LED Switchbacks
Our Price: $70.00

2 3157 4W LED Switchback bulbs
2 50w6ohm resistors
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High Powered Reverse Bulbs
High Powered Reverse Bulbs
Our Price: $90.00

These 510 lumen output bulbs will definitely help out when backing up!

Please note bulb sizes:
7440 - 13+ Rams with LED tails
921 - 09-17 Rams with standard tails
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Hylux Canbus Ballasts
Hylux Canbus Ballasts
Our Price: $100.00

RIVALED: A long standing debate in the automotive aftermarket...Morimoto, or Hylux ballasts? Often regarded as the "other" great in the HID lighting industry; Hylux has been building reputable parts for about as long as we can remember - you just couldn't buy them from TRS, until now!

STANDARDS: The Hylux 2A88 EU-Spec Canbus HID ballasts produce an industry-standard 35w of power which typically provides around 3200 lumens on a quality 4300K Bulb. They will accept a 9-16V range for input and will power all HID bulbs with industry-standard AMP connectors.

CONVENIENT: They are compact and can fit most anywhere under the hood. No need to worry about moisture intrusion, as their shell is completely water resistant and the circuitry inside is protected by potting.

POWERFUL:Their powerful igniters are also capable of quick re-strikes without fail. Well designed circuitry and igniter setup results in a relatively fast warm up time for the HID bulbs when powered by a Hylux ballast, but without requiring much power.

CANBUS CAPABLE: The 2A88 has an integrated error canceler on the input line, making them compatible with most European vehicles without any extra gear required to cancel "lamp out" errors.

BACKED: By a full Three-Year warranty from the manufacturer, you know they're putting their money where their mouth is. If these ballasts fail under warranty, you're covered!

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'13 Tail light Adapter (V2.0)
'13 Tail light Adapter (V2.0)
Our Price: $135.00

Plug n play harness for the 2013 Ram LED tails - will allow you to easily add the new lights to your 09+ Ram! (if your 13+ didn't come with the LED tail lights, you'll need these adapters to hook up the lights). This is for a set (PAIR) of adapters. Simply plug one side into the tail light plug, and the other 2 go to your truck's connectors (one at the main harness, one at the reverse bulb).
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4th Gen Projector Adapter (V3.1) - PAIR
4th Gen Projector Adapter (V3.1) - PAIR
Our Price: $185.00
Sale Price: $160.00
Savings: $25.00

Plug n play harness for the 2013+ Ram projector headlights - will allow you to easily add the new lights to your 4th Gen Ram!. This is for a set (PAIR) of adapters. Simply plug in the connectors, connect the battery power lead and you are set!

Install guide can be found here.
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2013+ Ram LED Switchback Boards
2013+ Ram LED Switchback Boards
Our Price: $160.00

PLEASE NOTE - professional installation of these boards is HIGHLY recommended! This is not a plug n play product, you will need to fully disassemble your lights, remove the factory LED boards and solder the leads from the new boards to the headlight's internal wiring. Professional installation services of these boards are available as well!

Our replacement LED panels are a direct replacement for the factory ones, but have double the number of LEDs, both white and amber. The high-power white LEDs turn on as your parking lights, for a much more modern look than the factory amber. Then, when you hit your turn signal, the white shuts off, and they light up in bright amber to indicate signaling. You can also connect them to a DRL relay (not included) to run them as a bright white DRL, which will then dim when you turn your headlights on, just like a quality factory DRL system.

Your order includes four total panels, to replace the OEM panels on both the driver and passenger side. You also receive the required high-power inductive constant-current drivers. Included in the driver is a digital latching circuit to control the amber and white switchback function, as well as an adjustable PWM dimmer, to control the brightness of the white when headlights are turned on.

Made in USA, these replacement panels utilize high-power 3030 SMD chips, which are rated at 30W of total power per side. The amber chips are a custom-manufactured downcoverted 1800K LED for superior brightness compared to standard amber chips, ensuring extremely high brightness, even during the day.

For OEM-grade reliability, the LEDs are protected by a thermal management system, which is integrated into the panel and driver. If the temperature of the LEDs becomes too high for any reason, the output of the LEDs will decrease, to ensure long life in even the harshest environments. And of course, the advanced constant-current driver ensures that there will be no damage to the LEDs long-term from the harsh electrical system of the vehicle.

Currently, leads are included which must be connected to turn signal power, parking light power, and DRL power (if available). You will need to solder the leads to the existing wiring inside the headlight, and as such - professional installation is strongly recommended, as the factory headlights must be opened in order to replace the LED panels. Wiring notes:

OEM wiring - pin # - function - color of wire
2 - parking - green
13 - ground - black
4 - DRL - orange
12 - turns - gray
Replacement switchback boards:
White - Parking lights (solder to green)
Black - Ground (solder to black)
Red - DRL (if equipped, solder to orange)
Yellow - Turn signals (solder to gray)
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